ANIMALS, unlike humans, don’t have ulterior motives.
They are uncomplicated. That’s not to say they don’t
have personality or spirit. But there’s no funny business.
and Vanessa Cooper has an eye for seeing this.

These paintings are colourful and life affirming. The slightly
surreal image captures the eye, the humorous title steals the
heart. She shares a spontaneity and openness with her animal
subjects. The simplicity of style and the bold use of colour
exudes a child like innocence. That is, of course, deceptive.
To make things look easy is the hardest thing to do. Vanessa
strips aways the extraneous and cuts to the chase.

There is also a serious and talented artist at work, someone
who understands colour and composition. Vanessa has
developed a unique, recognisable style, the mark of any
original artist. Most of all though, these paintings are fun.
They’re not self-conscious. The nitty-gritty of everyday life
is a constant niggle. Future plans and anxieties loom large.
Vanessa Cooper’s paintings are an antidote to this, They are
present, absurd, witty and joyful.

Jolyon White, White Space Art, Totnes, 2016.

Today’s Special, 2016

"One could almost sum up Vanessa Cooper's paintings in three simple words - Joie de Vivre"

Brian Sinfield, 2016.

"There are deep veins of both sensuality and humour in her work, which enhance their vitality."

White Space Art, 2016.
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